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Applicants often ask how long it will take to adopt a dog. Sunshine, like many other rescue groups in the country, is currently in the enviable position of having many more terrific families and individuals approved and waiting to adopt a rescue dog than we have dogs.
German Shepherd/border collie mix puppies ready for adoption! ... Ohio - - 24 days ago WANTED. Looking for a puppy for my puppy. I currently have a 6 month old male ...
You may contact the foster volunteer listed for more information about a particular dog, but all prospective adopters must be approved through our Adoption Process prior to meeting any dog. For border collies available through individuals or other rescue groups, please see our Courtesy Listings .
Puppies and Dogs in Ohio. Looking for a puppy or dog in Ohio? can help you find a new best friend near you! Below are our newest added pups available for adoption in Ohio. Bearded Collie. Beauceron. Bedlington Terrier.
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The early history of the Smooth Collie, like that of many dog breeds, is largely a matter of speculation. Even the origin of the breed's name is unclear, variously claimed to describe the early shepherd dog's dark colour ("coaly"), or derived from the name of a breed of sheep with black faces once commonly kept in Scotland ("Colley"), or derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "useful."
May 05, 2012 · SO YOU'RE LOOKING FOR REALLY BIG DOGS? Meet Pepe (100 pounds) and Roxy (86 pound), our newest arrivals. Pepe and Roxy are Great Dane mix puppies (yes, they're only 10 months old so those weights will be going up for a few more months) Don't let those serious looking faces fool you, both are the sweetest, most loving giants you will meet.